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Post by Admin on Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:08 pm

Most people know about Adblocker Plus extension for Firefox (and other Mozilla derivative browsers). Due to pressure from the ad people you have to go into options and chose to kill ALL ads.

I also use No-Script. This is very effective in blocking background javascripts being run on YOUR browser using your bandwidth and computer resources as you surf the web. Some are website navigation scripts and harmless. Some are tracking scripts that install regular cookies or flash cookies to track your surfing and buying habits. Some scripts also call sub-routine libraries from other sites. Some are malware maybe put on website without owners consent. No-Script can be rather tedious as you have to experiment which scripts to allow to make the website usable without allowing the tracking and ads and other junk. Websites change so sometimes you have to redo scripts allowed. One website I occasionally frequent instituted a popup nag screen to nag you (and follow you around) into logging in whether you want to log in or not. I added an extra script block and voila, it disappeared. Adblocker Plus counldnt handle it cause it originated onsite. I guess they make more money somehow if they get users to log in. And money is more important to them than their member's convenience.

Recently discovered an extension called Ghostery. This one is owned by an ad company of all things. So by default it blocks nothing and wants you to agree to let it collect and share info. But if you do due diligence, and look at options, you can block all advertising scripts that it is aware of in its built in lists. It will optionally show list of scripts blocked if you wish. And you can opt out of the info sharing thing. If you cant stomach dealing with No-Script, then consider Ghostery.

Some of these may or may not be available for other browsers. IE doesnt tend to have third party extensions. Chrome may or may not, I personally dont care much for Chrome. Opera has become a Chrome derivative, no longer an independent browser (so sad). So anymore one is kinda limited to Firefox or one of other Mozilla based derivatives like PaleMoon or Seamonkey.


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