group size 918 6V lantern battery

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group size 918 6V lantern battery Empty group size 918 6V lantern battery

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:22 pm

This is the size battery the old sealed beam lantern flashlights used. Lantern screws to top of battery. You cant find fresh one in store anymore. And new ones tend to be $15+ for the carbon zinc version and $25+ for the alkaline.

Well I bought this one for $8.95 with free shipping. Says its alkaline on Amazon, but dont think it is. Arrived and said Evergreen Heavy Duty, 6V, Made in China on it. It was fresh. I put an unaltered Big Jim on it and got nice bright light.

Just looked and they jacked price up to $10.95. Which unless you really want one of these batteries so your lantern looks factory, you are probably better off making your own box and wiring together 8 alkaline D cells from Dollar General. Their store brand alkaline D cells are best bang for buck that I have found.

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