Sagging door on 1994 Ranger...

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Sagging door on 1994 Ranger... Empty Sagging door on 1994 Ranger...

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:10 am

Wanted to accomplish something today. Drivers door on Ranger sagged a bit so made it hard to close. I saw a hinge repair kit on ebay for $6 shipped. Included 4 new bushings and two new pins with circlips on one end. Ordered and received it. The original pins are not designed to be removed, you have to grind off one end and drive them out.

Well first thought was to remove one hinge at a time completely. Nope. Ford made inner part of hinge with one blind bolt that you would have to remove dash to get to.

So first unhooked wires going through side of cab into the door, then I unbolted the door completely and removed it. Now I had access to the hinge pins. Ground the end off both and drove them out with a pin punch. The bushings are in the outer half of the hinge, so drove them out and drove new bushings in.

Now this door is rather heavier than it looks and I need to support it while I attach it again. I bolted the outer half of the hinges to the door. This let me temporarily hang the door in place, the outer half of the hinges rests inside the inner half of the hinges. I stuck phillips screwdriver in the upper holes to act as temporary hinge pin, and this letting me adjust things so I could insert the new lower pin. Once lower pin in, then removed screwdriver and adjusted to insert new upper pin. Due to space limitations, had to put the upper pin in upside down with the circlip on top of the hinge. Sure I lose few points for doing it this way, but it works, just not quite as aesthetically pleasing. Hey if I had helper or body shop door jack, could done it different, but this was by far easiest way to do this by myself with no special tools.

Big thumbs up to the kit. Door opens and closes and latches just like a new one, no more sag. Its a Dorman kit if you go looking on ebay or elsewhere. Guessing you might find same kit in the HELP! section of local auto parts stores??? Supposed to cover several ford vehicles from that era. Cheapest kit I found to do one door.


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