94 Ranger stalls at hot idle...

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94 Ranger stalls at hot idle... Empty 94 Ranger stalls at hot idle...

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:20 pm

This was while back but worth mentioning. I got frustrated stalling out in parking lots at town. Spent time reading how system works. Finally found a thread on a Mustang forum of how people were limiting fast idle by replacing IAC gasket with one only having tiny holes. So no matter how much IAC opens, only so much air can flow.

Ok thats interesting so deciding to take back idle control from computer, I first drilled a small hole though the IAC and plugged it on outside. This allows minimal amount to flow through IAC no matter what. I then experimented with gaskets. Got it down to where holes are 1/8 inch. Computer can adjust IAC anyway it wants, but it will have no effect.

To start engine I now have to crank while holding thottle partially open. Once it starts (starts quickly) I let up on gas and its around 700rpm. Once it warms up, it will run upto 1200rpm. I know opposite of whats desirable. But idle stays high enough not to stall out at any time.


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