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F250 wiper arm Empty F250 wiper arm

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:19 am

I put new wiper blades on F250 today. But one arm has been flopping around if I take truck out on hiway. Spring that holds blade to the glass had come loose. The lower anchor point had torn out from the pot metal.

I had figured a workaround, but somehow lost the spring. So out looking for a donor spring on wiper arm of one of my junkers. And I notice something interesting. The old Cavalier had wiper arms that used same clever attachment scheme as the F250. So took one off. Hmm interesting, looks very similar to the F250 arm. I try it on the F250, sure enough it fits splined shaft perfectly. When in place, it sits out little farther than the original arm, but it still holds blade firmly to the glass. So no having to make trip to salvage yard for one.


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