HP Laserjet 4000 (parallel port printer via USB)

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HP Laserjet 4000 (parallel port printer via USB) Empty HP Laserjet 4000 (parallel port printer via USB)

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:13 pm

Ok, I've had old reliable for years, it has worked great with windows and linux over the years. But time marches on and newer computers no longer have a parallel port and newer versions of operating systems that do install/run on older pc (like my desktop HP DC5100) with a parallel port dont always support parallel port properly. I had problems with both win10 and Tahrpup 6.03 support for parallel port. Was using older live puppy linux cd then mounting the partition with what I wanted to print and printing. I dont print much anymore, but this was kinda annoying, plus I now have couple mini win10 "chromebooks" with no parallel port.

First bought a $2 generic parallel port to usb converter. Using it both win10 and Tahrpup could see the printer, couldnt print. Got to reading and found a guy saying he got his win10 laptop to print on HP Laserjet 4000 using a specific TRIPP-LITE U206-010 cable (well thats the ten foot one I bought, think he bought the six foot version). He too had failed trying to use a generic cable. Others that tried TRIPP cable, said yep it works.

Its $15 so not cheap compared to generic, but lot cheaper than a different printer and lot more convenient than booting older Puppy live cd just to print. I ordered it.

Ok, win10 doesnt come with a driver for this printer. I installed PLC6 universal HP driver and forced the install. It said it covered older PLC5 HP printers too. Fine. Printer came to life, but only printed an error message, not what I was trying to print. More googling and this problem supposed to be corrected by newest version of PLC6 universal driver. Well this was the newest version!

I boot up Tahrpup to use, not even thinking about printer still connected and printer comes to life automagically and starts printing out queued stuff I had tried to print using the generic converter cable. Cool! Cable is a definite thumbs up!!!!

So I go back to finding driver that works in win10. One guy recommends a specific 64bit HP driver for Laserjet 4050 printer offered back in win7. HP no longer offers download of this driver. Yea, only download I found on some unofficial site was 32bit only.

But back on HP site, even though there was no PLC5 universal driver for win10, there was one for 64bit win7. Downloaded and force windows to install it. Bingo! Win10 can now print on the old Laserjet 4000.

Anybody not familiar with these, they were an old heavy duty high capacity office printer. And about the most indestructible printer I've ever experienced. Big heavy thing and gross overkill for home use. But they sell pretty cheap used and they are mono chromatic laser printer so no ink to dry up if you dont print very often. Ended my printer hassles long ago after frustration with various inkjet printers and their ink cartridges. This cable should increase its longevity/usefulness far into the future (knock wood)....


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