Samsung S Action Mouse (ET-MP900DWEGUJ)

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Samsung S Action Mouse (ET-MP900DWEGUJ) Empty Samsung S Action Mouse (ET-MP900DWEGUJ)

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:34 pm

Samsung S Action Mouse (ET-MP900DWEGUJ)
I needed a wireless mouse for my cheap Lenovo mini laptop. It has bluetooth, so figured bluetooth way to go so I didnt tie one of two usb ports for a mouse. Anybody doesnt know, the cheapie laptops of any brand tend to have very frustrating trackpad. Anyway only reason I bought this model since I dont own a Samsung computer, was it had lot good reviews on Amazon. Then I found a new one minus its factory packaging/instruction sheet on ebay, and won it for $6 shipped. Yea I just got lucky, they usually sell for more.

Put it this way if I lost one I have, I would seek out another one even if I had to give more. This is a truly good quality bluetooth mouse.


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