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Post by Admin on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:14 pm

First year I will have apples on trees I have been planting last few years. The Pristine Apple tree is very robust grower. Its an early apple, supposed to ripen mid July, meaning its about due. Though exactly how you determine yellow apple is ripe.... There are only like five apples so hate to pick one just to see. Best thing about having own fruit trees, is that you can have actual ripe fruit off the tree, not something picked way green to improve shipping/storage qualities.

The PixieCrisp has one small apple, it doesnt look anywhere close to ripe. And my ungrafted Bud9 rootstock tree has three little red apples. Its a dwarf rootstock that will produce very edible red apples if left ungrafted. Strange seeing three apples on such a tiny tree. And also interesting in that dwarf rootstock tends to have very limited rootsystem, thats how it has dwarfing qualities. But this one has survived lot dry hot weather without any special watering or anything. I assume it has good root system but genetically dwarf in another way.

One of the ungrafted Antanovka seedling had blooms and I thought one apple at one point, but dont see any apples now. Antanovka is interesting, old Russian variety, now mostly used as full size rootstock due to abundant and deep root system. But its unusual also in that it breeds true from seed. Most apples dont. Now seedling Antanovka isnt as true as a grafted tree, but it doesnt vary much from its parents.

But anyway truly nice to have some tree fruit being produced other than wild persimmons. Unfortunately my two big Kieffer pears just dont seem to want to produce. Lot blooms in spring, but they just have these little nubbins that never develop into pears. And Kieffer is self fertile. you see them all alone out in some pasture where used to be a homestead cabin, just some daffodils to keep them company. Just happily producing pears with no care. So wondering if my two big trees are somehow not actually Kieffers??? Though they sure grew fast like Kieffer does. I have two other Kieffer trees from different source, but they arent anywhere near big enough to produce.


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