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Post by Admin on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:36 pm

Had bought it cheap minus OS some time back. Its dual core and fast enough for locked down win10 (about same computing power as current mini cloudbooks), but came from factory as Vista computer. Played with it a bit and put it in drawer. Well friend needs it for backup and she is a windows person. Put pre-anniversary edition win10 on it with win10LITE script to remove most of garbage. She hates Cortana and this version you could still remove it. Then locked it down with DWS so Cortana doesnt get reinstalled. And Evorim firewall. Win10 still tried to update itself and change drivers to ones that dont work. Some backdoor. So went into the Evorim firewalll and literally blocked every last Microsoft related process from going online. Seemed to do job but then kept getting popup for some unknown process that wanted access. Give it permission or not, kept asking again and again. So went and downloaded newest version of the firewall and that took care of it. Its now quite nice and meek.

I also installed Puppy Slacko 7.0 r3 on its own partition. Its a beta, but was only version of linux I got happily working on the Acer mini laptop. Its also faster than version I use on my old desktop and has a much newer linux kernel. I intend to upgrade my desktop to it also, but after using a system for few years, this requires some effort to sort and move things. Going to try to convince my friend that she should at least try Puppy. So much less painful than win10 as it doesnt have the Microsoft BIG BROTHER attitude that it always knows best. All installed and such so only possible problem would be her ethernet connection. I dont have such so cant test that. But both win10 and Puppy seem to see the ethernet adapter and be willing to try and use it. Gotta mail it off to her today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it does what she needs it to do. If it cooperates with her ethernet, will give her good backup access. May not do everything she wants, hoping I didnt remove or lockdown anything she really wants, but I wanted to make it as bulletproof as possible. I know I could live with it as my only computer long term, it works that well. But my metered hotspot connection limits what I do online so... in other words no video as it would cost an arm and a leg. She does lot video, etc.


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