Cheapie 6V floating lantern

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Cheapie 6V floating lantern

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:40 am

Talking about the kind for $4 at places like Walmart. Usually incandescent bulb though they now have those with LED. And cheapest "heavy duty" carbon zinc 6V lantern battery. They are pretty much intended as a throw away considering a replacement battery costs as much as whole assembly and replacement alkaline 6V battery up $8 to $10+...

Well after misplacing my rechargable, decided rather lose one of these. You can get a LED bulb for 6V flashlight for couple bucks off ebay if you look hard are willing to wait for the slow boat from China. Or you can get a Dorcy bulb that is pretty much same thing for like $6 off Amazon. The LED is worth it as battery last much longer.

Now will say these arent most robust connections. the lantern batteries have springs on top that suppose to mate to thin metal plates on the lamp head part of the lantern. Did I mention these lanterns are CHEAP. So sometimes you have to shake it or rap on it a bit to get it to light.

Well I bought one of these holders that supposed to convert 4 Dcell batteries to 6V lantern battery. One I got has bad connection or something and pretty rinky dink. So I just used bit packing tape and taped four batteries together in a square shape. Every other one pointed opposite direction. then soldered wires to connect them in series for 6V. Instead of springs, soldered couple wire leads, one positive, one negative. Then I soldered two leads to the metal plates on back of the light head part of flashlight. Twist the leads together and tape. Reassemble. Bingo... and there was light.

I get my Dcell alkaline batteries at Dollar General. Used to be pkg of 2 for $2. Now they are $2.50. You can still get Dcell alkalines for $1 each on Amazon if you buy 12 at a time. Its their Amazon store brand. I'd never use up 12 before some leaked or otherwise went bad. Dcells with LED bulb can literally last two or three years depending on usage.

Course after I repowered two of these this way, I found my rechargable. The bulbs I used are like 0.5W. The rechargable is like 3W so its of course much brighter. But for a handy lantern you wont mind losing or having stolen, cant beat the cheapies set up like I did.


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