Asus U50A as my wall laptop

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Asus U50A as my wall laptop Empty Asus U50A as my wall laptop

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:34 pm

This is half of laptop I won on ebay 99cents shipped, seller said it booted to bios on external monitor.  Meaning its stripped, no LCD or even a lid, just some wires hanging out, and no keyboard.   No display on external monitor when turned on so I had just stuck it in box of other misc parts.  So other day got to thinking about it and realized I never opened back of it to see if it had RAM.  The auction had said it booted to bios on external monitor and when it didnt.... I didnt go any further.

Yep, no RAM, stuck in an old 1GB stick RAM and voila, it boots. Faster than the old HP ZE2000 single core laptop I had mounted on wall to use as desktop when motherboard in desktop went to Omaha.  So its my wall laptop now.  However it doesnt like Slacko64 that I had been using, it would hang on shutdown.  Tried others like Xubuntu and Sparky booted from dvd and they shut down fine.  So did some older versions of Puppy.  So wanted to try different current version of Puppy.  Downloaded Xenialpup64_7.5   Great it seems to work fine except cant get WINEportable with Kindle app to work.  Yea, WINEportable is 32bit.  I use Kindle a lot offline so kinda important it work.

So after lot hair pulling and head banging I finally find out Xenialpup64 needs its own 32bit compatibility SFS file, the Slacko64 one wont work.  Huge download, like 140MB.  Downloaded it and installed it and nothing.   Grrrr...  So read some more and missed reading that unlike Slacko64, the Xenialpup64 compatibility file after installation needs to have command "ldconfig" run in terminal.  Do this, and BINGO, WINEportable with Kindle app runs and Kindle app updates itself.  Also able to use the 32bit version LibreOffice rather than have to download the 64bit version.

Xenialpup64 has neat little option added, tells processor temp in bottom tray.  This Asus (win7 era) runs pretty cool.  Its also quieter than the ZE2000 (XP era), anytime I did anything, that bugger would fire up its turbo props and make a fuss.  Just way those older laptops were.  I have gotten used to quieter computers.   Kinda cute that I am using a 99cent computer on daily basis.  But really only cause I have spare parts around so didnt have to buy anything for it.  Had RAM and power supply, SSD with adapter, etc.  Still be cheap computer if it were my only computer, but not truly functional for 99cents without buying anything else.


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