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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:17 am

It was a lark, saw it really cheap on ebay.  Its a core2duo 1.85GHz that can take upto 4GB RAM.  One of those old style all in one tablet laptops, 12 inch.  Much like the old HP Elitebook Tablet of same era.  Originally had XP so the stickers on it say.  Anyway I had never messed with a Fujitsu laptop.

I got it, and bios had !%!#$! password lock on it.  So while waiting for reply from seller since this wasnt mentioned in auction, I played with it.  No hardrive, but has dvdrom.  Bios set I think to boot first hardrive and then dvdrom.  No problem booting live cd.  Little hardrive adapter cable missing and they cost $10.  Apparently it had booting from usb disabled in bios.  I have run into some laptops from that era where you have to specifically enable booting from usb.  Well not having an adapter cable, I wanted to boot from usb.  Remembered rather amazing boot manager called PLOP that I had used long ago on a computer that didnt have ability to boot from usb.  It can be installed to mbr on hardrive or booted from floppy or cd.  Since cdrom only option to boot from on this laptop, I burned a live cd of PLOP.  Turn on the laptop and get the PLOP menu, pick USB and voila, it finds the usb SSD I had plugged in with StretchDog64 on it and boots that.  Other than having that separate PLOP menu screen, and thus an extra step, it found and booted Stretch nearly as quick as it would with usb boot set in bios.

Seller gets back to me with three possible passwords.  None work.  I ask if he has any other possibilities.  Nope and he will refund my money if I return it.  Seriously for no more than I paid, this is rather pointless since he expects me to pay shipping, though at least he made the offer.  And it does work, I just rather it been in auction that this had bios locked with no password available and suppose I could open case with ebay and make him refund my money and pay return shipping if he wants it back.  But that isnt worth the rise in blood pressure.  Anyway  PLOP is the workaround to make it do what I want.  Least I cant think of anything except boot order that I really have need to change in bios.  This is old style legacy boot so no UEFI nonsense.

Oh the hardrive cable is $10.  I found a $4 tray that lets you replace the dvdrom with a hardrive/SSD so one on the way.  I hate those stupid proprietary cables/adapters anyway.  This generic tray to replace the dvdrom seems better option.  And why when people remove the hardrives "for security reasons... " they cant leave the bits and pieces necessary to hook up another one.  Especially any adapter/cable.  Take like 5 seconds to put it back where hardrive was.  Course lot times they even dont bother to put back the covers on bottom when they remove hardrive or RAM.  The people doing this when corporations retire them,  sincerely consider such computers pure trash I guess.  The people selling such on ebay buy these by pallet load and so dont have the parts, they have universal power supply and attempt to power them up and thats it.  Oh some refurbish but then want crazy markup for half hour work.

This laptop has really easy to stare at screen.  Amazing for one this small.  Though again new these were $1500+.  Still lot nicer than the cheapie new $200 cloudbooks/netbooks, whatever you call them.  People bid up that low end crap celeron stuff and ignore something quite nice like the Fujitsu or Elitebook.  I think mostly cause they see it originally had XP/Vista so think its too old, and ignore that it has specs good enough to run win10 just as well as low end modern stuff.  Though something like Puppy Linux or this StretchDog64 (custom small Puppy-like version of Debian "Stretch") is far superior unless you just have to have some windows only software.  I just cant really imagine any "have to have" windows only software on low end computer.  They arent powerful enough to run fancy games or do video editing or whatever anyway.  Oh I suppose if you are some student arbitrarily required to have a win10 system or some situation like that.  But for basic home computer.... win10 is annoying.  I mean who really wants to fight their own operating system.


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