legit free version of Mirosoft Word 5.5 for DOS

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legit free version of Mirosoft Word 5.5 for DOS Empty legit free version of Mirosoft Word 5.5 for DOS

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:54 pm


RAn across this link. So you want a legit copy of MS Word for free, here it is. Yes it runs in DOSbox on windows or linux or any other systems with DOSbox. Or of course you can install FreeDOS.

It is really small compared to modern word processor programs. Heck I think even smaller than Jarte which is a front end for Wordpad. Free version Jarte by way is quite nice if you run windows. It makes WordPad into a very complete small word processing program. Most people with basic home computer do fine with it. Most dont really need a full blown office suite and if they need it for work or school, they probably already have it. Jarte will do ok in WINE too with couple quirks.

Anymore with free LibreOffice or OpenOffice or WPS or even legit $10 copies of MS Office 2003 (considered the best modern version of MS Office), there really isnt a shortage of cheap word processing.


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