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Post by Admin on Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:23 am

I somehow came on this while searching for a particular public domain diabetes book. I sort of knew Google had books, didnt realize they had free downloadable ones. Wouldnt let me do anything until I signed it. Anyway once I signed in with gmail account, I "played" with it a bit. Wow, swear its like pulling teeth to get the pdf download. No download option immediately apparent. You need to search for specific book, then choose free version if there is one, then click on it to read online, then kill that and it takes you to your now Google Play stored books and there is tiny menu beside each book offering a pdf download. Then after all that you have one of those captcha things where you have to decipher the scribble and type it in the box. Maybe an easier way but I couldnt find one.

Kinda lot hassle, but hey have some scanned public domain books that I havent found elsewhere. Also be aware there will be paid versions of some of public domain books, you need to search for that title, then select free and if there is a free version then you will see it. Neither Amazon nor Google are making money with free books so they dont make it necessarily easy to find them.

I dont know about Google Play, but on Kindle some modern books (usually novels) offered free for short time to get you interested in the author or in series of books with same characters. Hoping you will buy rest of that series or other books by that author. I get daily email from place called with few free mystery and scifi and non-fiction books for that day. I add any that look interesting to my kindle account. And believe me, few do I get past chapter or two before discarding. But hey the price is right and I am only out bit time. Have found several past few years that were quite enjoyable and more that were at least better than whats on tv. Occasionally tempted a bit to buy more in a series, but just remind myself there will always be more freebies just as enjoyable. Hey its a hobby....


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