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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:59 pm

Time is passing since I got into knife sharpening and have collected/used various cheap used knives. So far for big knife my favorite has become one I already owned though never sharp until recently. Its Aldi Kitchen Living 7 inch "forged" santoku. That thing is really sharp and is staying sharp though at this point it gets most use. Noticably harder metal than most cheap knives. There are several other brands of similar knives, though the Aldi was cheapest. Bought set of them for like $7 few years back. I remember it as set of four, but only found three so far. Maybe it was set of three. Saw where last time Aldi sold them was like Feb 2013 and that was set of three for $10. Anyway lot of brands with similar knife, my guess good many of them come from same factory in China. The Aldi version is cheapest I have seen, though as I say they come out of package pretty dull.

Second favorite is the vintage USA made Chicago Cutlery 8 inch French chef's knife. It came off ebay for $7 shipped. Arrived sharpened by somebody that knew how to sharpen a knife. I dont think its edge will hold up as well as the Aldi santoku, but does well for a mid-level knife and easy to sharpen. Edge is lot nicer than the Dollar TRee chef's knife I commented on earlier. As I mentioned in that review, just about any knife with any tempering at all will take a usable edge. Those made of softer or cheaper steels tend to need lot more maintenance and touch ups to stay sharp.

As to paring knives, two favorites, the USA Chicago Cutlery 102S, looks like a short fillet knife. And a very old Dexter carbon steel knife, blade sort of resembles that of an old carbon steel pocket knife though in sheepsfoot style. But not far behind is a relatively modern DMF hawks beak paring knife I got for 99cents. And now two "Pioneer Seed" advertising paring knives made by Quickut. They came in cheap assortment of used knives. They were abused but sharpened fairly easily on the sander. I knew I would like them, Mom had couple of them when I was kid. They held their very sharp edge a ridiculously long time for a freebie knife. But back then we couldnt figure a way to restore edge when they did get dull, so they got tossed. I have others that are perfectly fine paring knives, but I like the narrow thin blade paring knives best. The modern Dexter sani-safe paring knife deserves an honorable mention, has comfortable handle, but the blade just isnt as nicely configured as the ones mentioned above. I also have a Victorinox plastic handle paring knife. Blade much like the Dexter, little more flexible, but the handle is horrible. If it were my only paring knife, I would remove the horribly configured plastic handle and make a wood one for it that fit my hand and gave me more control.

There are some other intermediate size knives, but really as one person said, "for most cooking uses you need one big knife and one little knife", thats all. Everything else is a specialty knife that may or may not be particularly useful depending.....


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