Vintage Atlas #3 Chinese cleaver

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Vintage Atlas #3 Chinese cleaver Empty Vintage Atlas #3 Chinese cleaver

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:08 pm

Made in Hong Kong. High carbon steel, not stainless. Apparently these were sold new for couple bucks few decades ago. Cost me $13 shipped but I saw how blade was tapered, not just flat piece steel with an edge on it, so bid on it.

Wasnt disappointed. This is not a meat cleaver in traditional western sense, you would damage blade if you used it to chop bones. Think of it as a chef's knife in cleaver form. Took me a bit to sand it to wire edge, then polish edge. Think blade maybe not super uniform as there was one short section of the edge that took lot more work to thin down to the wire than rest of knife.

Anyway, once sharpened, it was very sharp and had heft to easily chop tough veggies. Little overkill for usual stuff, but it could easily handle it. Its the pickup truck of chef's knives rather than a sports car.


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